Fantasy Sports Games have been around for many years. It all started in newspapers and found it’s way to early ‘90s websites. Now, the Daily Fantasy Revolution has started a next wave of fantasy sports, and Sofa Superstars is on top of it all.

Mobile, live streams, real-time data and on-demand content have made the sports fans even more hooked on their favourite sports.

We deliver off the shelve fantasy sports games for publishers and content owners around the globe. We help them leverage their user base for advertising and keeping their audience engaged with daily and full season experiences.

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Sofa Superstars full season game

Daily Coach Clash

Tired of playing a season long game? No chance of catching up after your early season mistakes? Thanks to CoachClash you can start all over again every week! Play head-to-head against your friends over the weekend. Available on all devices with real-time data to keep you updated throughout the weekend. Check your lead in the pub while having drinks with your opponents!

Care to make it interesting? CoachClash is the ultimate ‘put your money where your mouth is’ game. Place your bets when challenging your opponents, or sign up for the ‘winner takes all’ subleagues!

Sofa Superstars full season game


Probably the most international, year round, always in the news sport there is. Driving fast from March to November, F1 provides a worldwide audience of millions with some of the most competitive racing there is. Great names, great history, great sport for a Fantasy Game.

Pick your personal dream team of drivers, constructor and engine. The F1 calendar gives you over twenty shots at winning a Grand Prix! Grow your budget by winning and improve your team over the year.

Sofa Superstars full season game


Our 18+ years of Fantasy Football experience comes together in one great game, keeping you and your friends engaged all season!

Eredivisie ‘14/’15 was Sofa Superstars’ first public fantasy football management game. It was open to anybody who wanted to experience our full featured football game. After a season of perfecting the gameplay, we partnered with the premium CoachVanHetJaar.nl andDeBesteVoetbalcoach.nl brands to power their 30.000+ user base with a season long game in ’15/’16.

Sofa Superstars App


Through the Sofa Superstars App we present the Future of Fantasy Sports. A mobile only Fantasy game that hosts any sport. Thanks to full integration with social media and content driven push notifications it boosts your bragging rights in any environment. Whether you’re in the pub on Saturday or walking into the office on Monday morning, show your skills always and everywhere.

Sofa Superstars World Cup 2014 / Euro 2016 game


Sofa Superstars launched a unique Fantasy Game concept at the World Cup 2014 in Brazil. This tournament-based management game was exciting till the final, keeping fantasy managers engaged for the full six weeks of soccer madness.

This tournament specific gameplay challenged even the most experienced Fantasy Manager. Introducing a combination of group and knock-out phase tactics in one game, Sofa Superstars World Cup Edition provided a great challenge for fans around the world. Watch out for Euro 2016; where new countries, players, and fantasy coaches will thrive.

Sofa Superstars Cycling

This summer: Cycling

Every summer, cycling fans from all around the world warm up for the Tour de France. What better way to start your excitement than to puzzle your way to the perfect team in the Sofa Superstars cycling game?

Come back every day and pick the best racers for the sprints or a real goat for a mountain finish. You get bonuspoints for polkadot and green jersey points and most attacking rider. It’s exciting from start to Paris!